2nd ICO has finished

About Bitpark's ICO

ICO Start

2nd ICO: from September 15th to October 20th

2nd ICO finished. Thank you very much.
386 Investors
24.35502348 BTC Raised

70 million tokens will be distributed to ICO participants.
Price: 0.00001305 BTC / BITPARK

1st ICO: from July 25th to August 15th

1st ICO finished. Thank you very much.
5 million tokens
408 Investors
38.48637671 BTC Raised

The total token supply is 100 milllion.
20 million tokens will be reserved as financial incentive for founding members, strategic partners and dev team. 5 million tokens will be reserved for service users instant buying.


Our own coin BITPARK is issued on Ethereum(ETH) blockchain. This is token to be used from the time of official release.

ICO Bonus

2nd ICO

ICO Bonuses for early participation
1st week bonus: 10% bonus
2nd week bonus: 5% bonus
Last 6 DAYS bonus: 5% bonus

the 2nd ICO will run through to Oct 20th
the 2nd ICO will run through to Oct 20th due to its popularity!! 5 extra days for Last DAY bonus 5%!!!
There is still time to contribute if you haven't already. Please Join us!

- After 2nd ICO finished, BITPARK token will be tradable.


BTC which was sent for ICO will be used for development etc. and will not be refunded.



Hidenari Aizawa
After being CTO for a company, I went independent. I managed a development company for over 10 years. In system development, I often act as a producer who oversees planning of the service, development and operation. Since January 2016, I have started to draw up the vision of BITPARK service. And I am now in charge of design of service and development.

Takaho Hatanaka
I have been working as a chief engineer and system consultant. The experience I have is diverse, ranging from embedded systems to game apps. My favorite languages are C++ and PHP, and I excel in large-scale web system development and infrastructure construction. I have been developing BITPARK service since February 2-16.

Tomomi Nakano
Manager of development company over 20years. Advisor of BITPARK service,and also human resources introducer, which is taking advantage of the wide range of personal connections. Experienced launch of development company in 1993, ISP in 1994. Started internet phone for first time in Japan ,and game play server too. Acquaint to internet technology, and participated to several business until now.

Customer Support
Ryoko Yanai

Customer Support
Wutami Matuoka